About us

About us

The Welding Research institute is an internationally acknowledged, scientific-research, development and manufacturing  centre, active mainly in the field of welding and allied technologies and processes. In was established in Bratislava in the year 1949 and it provides continually the innovative solutions for the industry in the field of material research, welding, surfacing, brazing/soldering, spraying, thermal cutting and heat treatment on the highest professional level for almost 70 years. It is also the member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and the European Welding Federation for welding joining and cutting (EWF).

The Welding Research institute is organising the education of welding personnel in accordance with EWF, IAB and NDT guidelines. It certifies the welding and NDT personnel, the quality management systems for welding and products. It also acts as a Notified Person with authorisation to certify the selected welding equipments.

The Welding Research Institute is extremely active in the solution of excellence research and development and other professional projects within the international partnerships, including the prestigious projects of the Seventh Framework Programme and Horizont 2020.





Foundation of Výskumný ústav zváračský (VÚZ) as the national workplace in Czechoslovakia from the initiative of the Nestor of welding Dr. h. c., prof. Dr. Ing., Ing. ESSA Jozef Čabelka, DrSc.,



Opening postgraduate study in co-operation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovak Technical University (according to of École supérieure de soudure autogéne in Paris),



Beginning of construction of the VÚZ premises,



Organisation of the 1st welding congress,



Foundation of the journal Sváranie later on Zváranie (since the year 1993 Zváranie-Svařování – Welding journal,



Authorisation of the Ministry of Heavy Engineering to guide education of  welding specialists in Czechoslovakia,



The first presentation of activities on the International Mechanical Engineering Fair in Brno,



The adoption as the member of International Institute of Welding – IIW, as the representative of Czechoslovakia,



Award of Golden Medal on the world-wide exhibition Expo 58 in Brussels, for VÚS 1000 welding press,



Organisation and arrangement of the 17th Annual Assembly in Prague (for the first time in the country of Eastern Europe),



Establishment of the State Test Board ŠS 225 for the quality evaluation of welding and welding consumables with the validity  the whole Czechoslovakia (since the year 1993 SKTC 115),



Organisation of the 1st exhibition of welding technique WELDING in Brno, in co-operation with BVV Brno and Dom techniky Bratislava,



Organisation of the 32 Annual Assembly of  IIW in Bratislava,



Adoption of awarding statute granted to welding specialists for excellent results in welding – Academician Čabelka’s Medal,



Admission into European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting - EWF with the statute of observer,



Annual assembly of EWF in Bratislava (the first assembly in the country outside European Union),



Acquisition of certificates for certification of welding and NDT personnel, from the Slovak National Accreditation Service (Slovenská národná akreditačná služba - SNAS),



Acquisition of accreditation as Authorised National Body – ANB for implementation of education and authorisation of welding personnel according to directives of EWF,
1997 –  acquisition of SNAS certificate for certification of quality systems in compliance with STN EN ISO 9000 standard series,



Acquisition of accreditation EWF/IAB Authorised National Body – ANB, for implementation of education system and authorisation of welding personnel in compliance with EWF/IAB directives in Slovakia,



Acquisition of EWF accreditation and position as Authorised National Body for Certification Companies – ANBCC for certification of manufacturers of welded structures in compliance with EWF directives,



Acquisition of ISO 9001:2000 quality system certificate by certification company VÚSAPL, joint stock CoC. for research, development of materials and welding technologies as well as allied processes; research, development and production of welding consumables, single-purpose welding, surfacing, cutting machines and automated technological complexes; processing of studies, expert’s opinions, welding procedures and guidelines; testing activities, service and expert’s activities, education and counselling services,



Since February the owner the Welding Research institute becomes the interest association of legal entities Priemyselný inštitút Slovenskej republiky (The Industrial Institute of the Slovak Republic),



Since April change the name to: Výskumný ústav zváračský – Priemyselný inštitút SR (Welding Research institute – Industrial Institute of the Slovak Republic - VÚZ – PI SR),



Organisation of the First International IIW Congress in the Central and East European Region in Stará Lesná,



Opening of new Laser Welding and Testing Laboratory, mutual project of BLUMENBECKER SLOVAKIA Company and VÚZ – PI SR,



Opening of The Centre of Excellence in Welding.


Yearly reports 

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