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Welding Research Institute is active in the field of research and development for more than 65 years. It regularly participates in national and international research and development programs and provides research and development activities to support the development of industrial production within programs supporting the growth of the economy. Within the programs many unique technological, as well as product solutions were developed in VÚZ. VÚZ also participates in challenges involving education and cross-border cooperation.

On the national level VÚZ is regularly involved in projects as a solutionist and as a partner in SRDA, in programs opened within structural funds under the Ministry of education, science, research and sport of the Slovak Republic, as well as under the Ministry of labour, social affairs and family of the Slovak Republic. VÚZ is a successful solutionist of projects within 5. RP EU - Smart Weld, 6. RP EU - MATJOINCONF, INTERREG – SMILE – Steel Market Innovation.     

Projects within the Operational Programme Research and Development Research into innovative materials for superheater systems of devices producing energy by combustion of alternative fuels and Research into the application of friction stir welding (FSW) as an alternative to fusion welding processes belong among the top projects of transferring knowledge and technologies into practice.

On the international level VÚZ closely collaborates with major European and global research institutions and participates in projects which significantly contribute to the growth of knowledge and broadening of the knowledge base of VÚZ.

Major international projects include:

NextGenPower - Consortium of leading European enterprises and research and development centres, which represent 12 legal entities from 6 EU Member States with the KEMA institution. The objective is the development and application of protective coatings and new materials that can be used in USC conditions (capture and storage of CO2 for new coal-fired power plants, including biomass co-firing).

MACPLUS - Consortium of 24 partners and 7 subcontractors from 10 European countries carefully selected to meet the needs of the project from the point of capabilities, tasks and knowledge of the stated problem and its possible solutions. The aim of the project was to increase the efficiency of existing and newly built coal-fired thermal power plants with regard to carbon capture and storage.

GRAMAT - "Research on innovative corrosion resistant gradient tubes for biomass power generation installations" – the aim of the project is to acquire knowledge necessary to develop new cost-effective manufacturing technology of boiler tubes made from semiproducts with through-thickness gradient chemical composition, tailored to carry both creep loading (low alloyed material - tube core) and fireside corrosion (high alloyed material - tube shell). Gradient tubes will be rolled in existing facilities from semiproduct manufactured by unique casting technique.

Within the new program period and challenges not only on the European level (e.g. HORIZON 2020) the VÚZ engages in several projects which contribute to increase of competitiveness and economic growth of partners, enable to apply new technologies into practice, establish long-term connections and partnerships at the international level and at the same time enable inflow of the latest findings from the scientific research sphere into Slovakia.