Approval of welding procedures of materials

Application of qualified welding procedures is the main precondition of success in a company performing welding operations in significant investment actions or which is contributing in production of reserved and/or otherwise significant technical equipment. Application of approved welding procedures is a frequent requirement of foreign partner companies from the EU countries.

The Welding Research Institute is a testing organisation performing the approval of welding procedures of metallic materials in the sense of EN ISO 9956 / STN EN ISO 15607, STN EN ISO 15609 to STN EN ISO 15614, whereby it ensures:

  • surveillance in welding of test samples of welded joints,
  • performing tests in its accredited laboratories, namely:
  • non-destructive tests,
  • metallographic studies,
  • mechanical tests,
  • chemical analyses,
  • approving of welding procedures,
  • issuing the approval protocol in the Slovak and English language, eventually by customer´s requirements,
  • professional consultations.

By approving the welding procedure in WRI you will obtain:

  • a basic technical documents necessary for preparation of manufacturing technology,
  • document on correctness of selected welding procedure,
  • credit of your business partner.