Authorised nominated body - ANB

Welding Research Institute has been operating since 1996 as the Authorised National Body - ANB and authority of the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting. It is responsible for issuing European Diplomas, Certificates and Records of Achievements valid in all EWF member countries.

At the same time, it operates in Slovakia as ANB on behalf of the International Institute of Welding - IIW and is responsible for the implementation of training and certification of welding personnel according to IAB documents. It issues International Diplomas and Certificates valid in all IIW member countries.

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Certificate of authorization  EWF No.15/6 valid till 12. 01. 2027

Certificate of authorization IIW No.14/5 valid till 12. 01. 2027

Personnel qualified in EWF and IIW

List of holders of certificates issued by Authorized nominated body EWF/IAB