It is our strategy to create the added value for automotive companies by cost reduction, development of progressive solutions, and innovations of products and processes. Our unique research & development, demonstrating and production base enables effective designing, implementing, and applying in practice innovative material and technological solutions. At the same time, we provide our clients professional support and comprehensive services in the field of trainings and certification of personnel as well.

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It is our mission to help our partners in facing current technological challenges and to prepare themfor future trends such as:

  • Weight reduction of components by using the potential of high-strength steels
  • Implementation of alternative technologies ofwelding, joining, and bonding
  • Implementation of methods of joining heterogeneous materials including solutions for the engine part and fuel assemblies


Our services in the field of implementation of new technologies include:

  • Development and optimization of the processes of welding, joining, and unleaded soldering and bonding
  • Design, implementation, pilot operation, and integration of single-purpose welding devices and workstations in the production process
  • Improving use properties of materials (resistance fromwearing and corrosion) through the application of tailor-made functional layers and surface treatment
  • Support in the process of selection of component and material suppliers
  • Developing tailor-made additional materials

Our services in the field of preparation of serial production of non-dismountable joints in automotive:

  • Component analysis, assessment of requirements
  • Initial design of alternative welding/joining methods
  • Strength calculations of joint capacities – numeric simulation asa support for the optimization of products and processes
  • Design of structural and material modifications
  • Implementation of model joint samplesfinal design of the joint
  • Implementation of evidence pieces on the existing equipment
  • Design of the process automatization and robotization
  • Development and manufacture of the production equipment
  • Cooperation at the purchase of the equipment from third parties
  • Design and manufacture of preparations (fastening systems)
  • Production of the verification series
  • Product acceptance testsassistance in the long-term production (production ofspecialized consumable components, tools)

We have been implementing the following welding and joining technologies:

  • Arc methods (MIG-MAG, TIG, ZPT, ROZ)
  • Gun methods (bolt, seam, projection welding)
  • Beam methods (laser welding, laser hard surfacing, electronbeam welding)
  • Solid-state welding methods (friction welding, friction weldingwith mixing, diffusion welding, cold pressure welding)
  • Soldering (soft, hard, high-temperature, vacuum)
  • Bonding

Testing laboratories

Material testing, simulation in laboratory conditions,and other measurements are performed by our specialized workers in newly built accredited laboratories of analytical chemistry, metallography and corrosion, mechanicaltesting, and non-destructive (NDT) inspection.


  • Metallographic and fractographic testing of material and weld joints (including the complete PMI)
  • Evidence program, comparison testing at the selection of suppliers
  • Physical simulation of production processes and operational loading
  • Analyses of causes of damages to materials and their weld joints (including proposed corrective measures)
  • Analyses of chemical composition of materials and weld joints
  • Tests of materials resistance from corrosion (e.g. inthe salt-spray cabinet – by spraying saline mist or introducing Sulphur dioxide)
  • Dynamic and static mechanical tests of metallic and non-metallic materials, polymers and composites, and their weld joints
  • Development and implementation both of standard and tailor-made NDT methods
  • Support of high-quality production

We provide trainings and certifications for:


  • Senior welders
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) personnel
  • Welders and soldering specialists
  • Quality management system personnel



The WRI has cooperated with automotive industry in many common projects at modernisation of welding technologies and materials destined for the most demanding applications and automated technological complexes, with the aim to produce the welds in thin-walled sheets of complex shapes without distortions. Then we have solved the issues with the base metals, their weldability and we were oriented to elimination of defects in welded joints by changed technology and/or adaptation of welding parameters.


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