Chemistry and petrochemistry

Our most significant customers from the chemical and petrochemical industry in Slovakia entrusted us with solving the reliability issues of production units in their plants, namely the plants as SLOVNAFT Inc., Slovnaft Petrochemicals Ltd., DUSLO Inc. By use of our equipment called Coorrobot we can exactly define the real condition of metallic structures, even in the locations with poor accessibility, including the level of corrosion attack. In this way we save significantly the time, reduce the costs, but what is the most essential we are increasing the service safety for our customers.


  • identification of damage causes in machines and equipment, pipelines and steel structures in chemical plants, 
  • determination of residual life in the mentioned equipment, 
  • solving the technological issues in welding, 
  • performing the demanding repairs, 
  • renovation of parts in the mentioned equipment, 
  • performing the inspection in welding at realising the project of investment constructions, 
  • general overhauls and technological shut downs of the chemical units, 
  • approval of welding procedures   (WPQR – Welding Procedure Qualification Record), 
  • testing of materials and welded joints (mechanical, metallographic, chemical, corrosion and non-destructive tests) in the accredited test laboratories, 
  • education of professional personnel in the field of welding and non destructive testing, 
  • introduction of new materials into practice and preparation of projects. 


  • repairs and renovations,
  • Corrobot equipment,
  • approval of welding procedures,
  • accredited laboratory tests,
  • education of personnel in the field of welding and non destructive inspection. 


Solving the reliability issues of equipment in the production units of chemical and petrochemical industry is the subject of a long-term cooperation with the significant representatives of the chemical industry. 


SLOVNAFT a.s., Slovnaft Petrochemicals s.r.o., DUSLO a.s