Energy and nuclear energy

We are the experts for solving the issues of equipment in power industry where we provide our services to significant partners as the Slovak Power Plants Inc. and the Slovak Power Machinery Works Inc. Tlmače. The automated combination of milling technology and welding designated ATF 150 with an autonomous process control, allowing to repair the welded joints without material limitation is another of our unique solutions of issues occurring in the power industry.


  • identification of damage cause in machines and equipment,
  • determination of residual life of the given equipment,
  • solving the technological issue of welding applications,
  • realisation of repairs and renovations, - approval of welding procedures (WPQR – Welding Procedure Qualification Record),
  • testing the materials and welded joints (mechanical, metallographic, chemical, corrosion and NDT, tests) in the accredited test laboratories, 
  • education of professional personnel in the field of welding and non destructive inspection,
  • introduction of new materials into practice,
  • solving of projects.  


  • orbital head type ATF150,
  • repairs and renovations. 


We have developed for our customer a unique tailored orbital machining system destined for preparation of steel pipes for the repair welding.

D80_0968.JPG  D80_0939.JPG 
orbital head type ATF150


Slovak energy sector:  Slovenské elektrárne, a.s., Slovenské energetické strojárne, a.s. Tlmače