In the field of standardisation we are oriented to:

  • amending the draft European and international standards in the field of welding, amending the draft STN standards from other compilers,
  • work in the commissions established by the Slovak Institute of Technical Standardisation,
  • providing and publishing the information about standards and their application in practice,
  • education of professional public on seminars, conferences, courses etc.

Partners in Slovakia:

  • The Office for Standardisation, Metrology and Testing Line -  ÚNMS SR,
  • The Slovak Institute of Technical Standardisation - SÚTN.

We participate in activities of technical standardisation commissions (TNK), coordinated by the SÚTN:

  • TK No. 4 Steel structures
  • TK No. 11 Welding and allied processes (the WRI II SR manages and organises the work of commission
  • TK No. 45 Steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals
  • TK No.  51 Gas industry
  • TK No . 67 Non-destructive tests
  • TK No . 68 Boilers and pressure vessels. Welding and allied processes (the WRI II SR manages and organises the work of commission)
  •  TK No. 76 Corrosion and protection of materials against corrosion
  • TK No. 87 Long distance transport of liquid hydrocarbons 
  • TK No .95 Mechanical and metallographic tests (the WRI II SR manages and organises the work of commission).

Partners abroad:

  • International Organization for Standardization - ISO
  • International Electrotechnical Commission - IEC
  • European Committee of Standardization – CEN
  • Comité Européen de Normalisation Electrotechnique - CENELEC.

The field of cooperation with foreign partners involves:

  • amending the draft standards from the field of welding and allied technologies,
  • activities of standardisation commissions (TC - Technical Committee) and sub-commissions (SC - Subcommittee) ISO TC 44 "Welding and allied processes", IEC TC 26 "Electric welding", CEN TC 121 Welding, CENELEC TC 26A Arc welding and 26B Electric resistance welding.

Information about national and international standardisation organisation you can find on the web sites: