Within the scope of its activities VÚZ assures the courses:

  • preparation of higher welding personnel according to national and international regulations,

  • metal welders and metal brazing/soldering specialists,

  • plastics welders,

  • non-destructive testing,

  • quality management systems,

  • safety and fire protection,

  • courses accordint to special requirements of customers,

  • conferences and seminars.

Since the year 1996 VÚZ is the Authorised Training Body (ATB) approved by the Authorised National Body

of the European Welding Federation (ANB EWF) which organises the courses of welding specialists according to EWF/IAB guidelines.

VÚZ acts as the welding school No. 1 which is authorised to perform the

preparation of specialists for the examinations according to STN 050705, STN EN 287-1, STN EN ISO 9606,

STN EN ISO 13585, STN EN 13067, STN EN ISO 17660 standards based on the competence authorisation

from the Certification body for welding and NDT personnel certification.

Since the year 2010 VÚZ is authorised to perform education in the safety of work from the National Labour Inspectorate.