Unique solutions

Vibratory stress relief equipment - VUZ VZ-6

Vibration device VÚZ VZ-6 represents a new generation range of the device for vibration processing of components in a computer-controlled mode.

  • extends the life of devices and products by 200 %
  • increases deformation resistance by 84 %
  • saves up to 98 % of power and reduces emissions
  • reduces peak voltage by 50 to 80%

The device enables to generate a report with a graphic comparison of resonance characteristics before and after processing by vibration. In addition to the resonance frequencies and the corresponding period of vibration, the report also records amplitudes and the motor current during the vibration process.

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ATF 150

Orbital machining system intended for the preparation of steel pipes for repair welding.

  • specially developed for demanding conditions
  • smart control
  • automatic and adaptive motion
  • successfully applied in nuclear power industry

The automated orbital machining system ensures the preparation of welding surfaces at the level of manufacturing quality on the diameters Ø 57 mm - Ø 110 mm and Ø 110 mm - Ø 160 mm.

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