Welded constructions

Within our services we provide the piece and repeated fabrication of weldments and welded structures according to delivered documentation. The Institute specialists will assess the submitted documentation from the viewpoint of technological ability of structural design, improved reliability of welded joints, reduction of distortions etc. and they will suggest to customer the necessary adaptations, eventually they will ensure the preparation and approval of welding procedure specifications in accordance with  STN EN ISO 15607 and approval procedures in accordance with STN EN ISO 15609 to STN EN ISO 15614 standards.

We are able to fabricate the weldments and welded structures:

  • of commercial or special welding materials (which require the preheat or thermal, eventually vibrational treatment after welding),
  • of clad or coated welded materials or of combination of materials welded (steel – copper etc.),
  • of complex shapes (for example containing welded joints with poor accessibility, in narrow channels and cavities),
  • with requirement of minimum distortions, removing the need for chip machining after welding etc.,
  • welded by commercial or special processes.

Pressure vessels

We are developing the technologies and material solutions, constructional designs and produce special equipment applicable in specific conditions regarding the temperature, pressure and degradation mechanisms.
Our products: 

  • special pressure vessels
  • components related with pressure system (heat exchangers, reactors, expansion containers, regulation systems, accumulation tanks, special air nozzles,)
  • vessels of chemical apparatuses for aggressive media
  • vessels requiring heterogeneous welded joints